Hackable Cityplot

International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2016
Fenixloods II

DELVA Landscape Architecture
One Architecture
Stadslab Buiksloterham Circulair
The Hackable City
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Model: Studio KU+
Animations: Mind Design
Construction: Douwe Mollema
Projection: BeamSystems
On show: April 23 - July 10 2016

One of the big plots in the former warehouse Fenixloods was selected by the IABR curator team to present the Buiksloterham based project Hackable Cityplot.
On a 1:250 model of the area and on a set of screens projections and quotes show how a group of urban hackers turned the former brownfield site into a mixed-use circular neighbourhood.
It tells the story based upon The Placemakers, The Self-Builders, The Collaborative Building Groups and of The Catalysts of Cityplot.

These stories were illustrated as well in a public interview Michiel van Iersel and Maaike Behm had on the opening day

with Frank Alsema, Matthijs Bouw, Steven Delva and Albert Herder.

As you can see, the model is hanging from the ceiling, leaving ground floor space for organizing interaction. Because Hackable Cityplot not only presents this particular process of citymaking, but lets the IABR be a reason to perpetuate the ‘lessons learned’. With a series of debates, a game and a symposium (overview on the next page) next iteration will be proposed, undertaking an ongoing learning process.