De Melkfabriek


Client: BPD Ontwikkeling
Type: Urban plan, apartments, houses, workspaces,
hospitatlity, parking
Location: Nieuwe Kade – Westervoortsedijk, Arnhem
Design team: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei,
Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl
Project team: Karlijn de Jong, Wouter Hermanns
Team: Studiospacious,
BOEi, DELVA Landscape Architects
Local stakeholders: among others DTO, Willemsen
Images: Studioninedots | Studiospacious | ZesXZes
The following images illustrate the principles of the proposal,
currently the municipality, neighbours and stakeholders will
be engaged and play an active role in the redevelopment plan.

As announced by Friesland-Campina, the proposal from BPD | Studioninedots was successfully selected for the redevelopment of the company’s Coberco factory site. Our vision opens up the current disused industrial site on the Rhine river with and for the people of Arnhem through creating a distinctly sustainable and lively urban environment.
Located on a prominent site in Arnhem on the Rhine river beside the John Frost Bridge, the Coberco site borders the inner city. The site exudes the rich heritage of the former dairy plant. In the new plans, we showcase the existing structure of the site, the factory buildings and of course the location on the sunny side of the Rhine.

This part of the city will be developed in an organic approach according to Studioninedots’ Circular Cityplot concept that utilises an adaptive combination of functions, typologies and initiatives, and seeks meaning-ful interaction between residents and visitors. Energy will derive from renewal sources, mobility is shared and green space is integral. Old buildings will be repurposed, new buildings added. Three plots have been designated for housing, for apartments and lofts as well as ground floor dwellings; these will be interwoven with public squares with hospitality venues and workspaces.