De Zuivelfabriek

Client: BPD
Type: Urban plan
Location: Kanaaldijk-Zuid, Dirk Boutslaan, Eindhoven
Plot: 33.000 m2
Designteam: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei,
Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl
Project team: Jurjen van der Horst, Dennis Roest,
Gerty Daniels, Erik Hoogendam
Team: DELVA Landscape Architects/Urbanism, Hoesbergen Advies, BOEI
Local stakeholders: Bounce Space, Horeca
Images: Studioninedots, DELVA Landscape Architects

Team De Zuivelfabriek presents the winning tender for the Campina factory site in Eindhoven.

We propose to transform the historic yard into a sustainable urban district by integrating the site’s existing industrial heritage and infrastructure with new public and social functions. Working, living and leisure connect with the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. Here, community participation and collectivity is key to the vibrant living lab and its future residents.
Within the site, different atmospheres create changing

dynamics; the intimate green squares and the courtyards contrast with the boulevard and the canal. Green and public space is a priority here. Old buildings will be repurposed and in interaction with new activities a surprising new building typology will be added.
In the heart of the area the repurposed dairy factory will demonstrate the site's circular ambitions by functioning self sufficient in the local food chain: growing vegetables, urban farming, food market, restaurant, workshops, smart recycling systems and renewable energy.