BLOK 0 Houthaven

Client: Stadgenoot, Synchroon
Type: Urban plan
Location: Haparandaweg - Houthavenkade,
Plot: 69.960 m2
Fsi: 4.4
Completion: 2016
Designteam: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei,
Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl
Photography: Luuk Kramer

The redevelopment of the former Houthaven into a residential area has been a process of decades. The current urban plan is designed by Sjoerd Soeters and consists of seven elongated islands. Due to the crisis developing the most western stretch was highly complicated. Studioninedots was asked to come up with a planning strategy. The solution was based on flexible models of development.
First, the middle part of BLOK 0, measuring 170x41 mtrs, was divided into small parts. Then, by means of raffling plots of varying sizes were purchased; by nine new collectives of individuals, designers, developers and investors; pioneers with specific demands, thus contributing to a new type of city making.

For the spatial translation of this strategy Studioninedots came up with a set of rules defining density, sustainability, building volumes and outdoor spaces. Now that the middle part of BLOK 0 has been completed, this mid-size urban design and accompanying process turned out to be spot on; groups organized them-selves and together with their architects they have realized a row of distinctive complexes – among them much published buildings and even an award winning one.
The principles of BLOK 0 have developed over time. By now the frequently applied strategy goes by the name Cityplot – transforming an area into a lively district by collectively boosting social, technological and circular ambitions.