Contractor: Stadgenoot
Collaboration: Urhahn Urban Design
Type: Urban plan
Location: Oostenburgereiland, Amsterdam
Design-completion: 2015-
Status: Design

Housing association Stadgenoot purchased the work island Oostenburg in Amsterdam's eastern city, with the intention to develop a mixed residential area with a wide variety of developers. Studioninedots will share knowledge on circular metabolism to develop a plan that provides space for gradual, organic, small grain area development.

One of the current Oostenburgereiland based facilities is Bar Roest. A unique place by being a café, but also a creative haven for film, theater, festival and DJ's where innovation and inspiration always predominate.

Oostenburg is a unique place located in the city, but still in the lee, on the waterfront at the intersection of several spheres. It offers a fantastic base for urban and metropolitan life.

It is one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam. Especially in the 17th and 18th centuries this neighborhood was vibrant when the East India Company (VOC) build its ships here.

In the centuries following Oostenburg was used for manufacturing locomotives and large marine diesel engines. This historic site is now entering a new phase. There will be new residential and business premises, shops and creative hotspots.