Biennale workshop in Belém


The Theme of the 10th Biennale of Architecture
in São Paulo is:
“ City; ways of making, ways of using”.
This Biennale offers a reflection on the complex
dynamics that build, destroy and rebuild the city
day by day, articulating the planning and design fields.
Curated by Guilherme Wisnik,
Ana Luiza Nobre and LigiaNobre.

Water is a major challenge for many Brazilian cities. In a series of workshops in various Brazilian cities, urban planners, water experts, architects, developers and policy makers will discuss and design on how water can be one of the most main principles for a comprehensive planning and design of future cities in Brazil.

During the workshop we are working on the district 'Bacia Estrada Nova'. Of the thirteen watersheds in Belém, Bacia da Estrada Nova is regarded as one of the five most critical watersheds, where the floods overflow frequently more than 35% of the area. Its an area of more than 930 hectares – more than 9km2 – and inhabited by 270.000 people.

Belem is a Brazilian city, the capital and largest city of the state Pará in the county's north. It is the entrance gate to the river Amazon and contains more than 2 million inhabitants. The metropolis has large difficulties with keeping the water out. During rainy season it is no exception that the water rises 4 tot 8 meters.
In five days of intensive work we try to achieve useful scenarios, design ideas and models for a future-proof urban development.