Epifyt Office

Client: Green Fortune
Type: Plantwall & Plantwire
Plot: 45 m2
Location: Creative Workspace 1-1-1,
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 111, Amsterdam
Status: completed June 2016
Designteam: i29, Green Fortune

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Green Fortune
Creative Workspace 1-1-1

At this moment 83 percent of the Dutch are living in urban areas. And this percentage is likeley to rise in the upcoming decades. Therefore both the quantity and the quality of public places, and more specific green public spaces, are under pressure. When lacking green space citizens have shown symptoms of reduced physical and mental health. It has been proved: more green space means better health. That's a call for adding plants and flowers to our environment.
But where?
In densly used areas m2's are scare. Green Fortune found the answer in vertical m2's. This company installs Plantwalls in offices, shopping malls, parking garages etc. to create attractive and stress reducing atmospheres.

Now, in June 2016, Green Fortune has constructed a Plantwall of 45 m2 with integrated workplaces and a Plantwire in our shared Creative Workspace 1-1-1.
By doing so a green corridor in the former factory hall has been created. Green Fortune calls it the Epifyt Office because it is a green addition to the existing ecosystem. Just like an Epifyt the office grows inside the hall and adds diversity, without extracting something from the space.
This relaxing green atmosphere is the ideal showcase to inspire designers to further think about the integration of greenery in the urban environment.