What’s cooking?

#01 Kaita

Today large developments are on hold because of the economical situation.
In our proposal for the Lammeschanspark competition we created a new urban strategy to make gradually transformations possible; We asked ourselves, how can we create an urban plan with collective small-scale initiatives without losing a strong, coherent identity?

In our presentation we wanted a model that shows coherence and transparency in materials and diversities in program? To answer these requirements, Kaita wanted to use acrylic blocks in different colours. That’s when he discovered that transparent acrylic blocks can be coloured by cooking them in paintclothing! The longer you cook them the stronger the colour will be. For a few days our office was occupied by some strange smells. We were astonished by the result. Beautiful sweet colours were used to show the diversity between the buildings. This without losing the transparencies. Now Kaita also coloured his working uniform. Kaita never stops cooking!

For more information about the project: Lammenschans