The TrueTalker

FabCity, Java Island, Amsterdam

Client: joint project
Type: pavilion, temporary and portable
Location: FabCity, Java Island, Amsterdam
Design-completion: 2016
Status: completed
Designteam: Studioninedots
Partners: StoneCycling, SBB Smit’s Bouwbedrijf B.V., IC Netherlands B.V., St. Joris Keramische Industrie, Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix B.V., Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, FabCity
Photography: Peter Cuypers

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StoneCycling, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, FabCity - Europe by People

This year, the city of Amsterdam is host to the European Union. Thousands of politicians and civil servants will discuss and decide on Europe’s future. Most talks take place at the former navy compound, in sterile rooms under bright artificial light, with cameras and microphones registering each word and movement. It’s nor a place for dreamers, nor a place for abstract ideas.
Studioninedots and Stone-Cycling designed an open structure with fireplace right in the heart of it. It is a structure that shields the fire and the ones around it, gradually connecting this comfortable zone with the world outside. This unique pavilion is called The TrueTalker, a place for dreamers and abstract ideas.

The cone-shaped pavilion consists of one wall twisting around itself, triggering people to come in and explore the core. The solid but transparent structure is made from StoneCycling’s WasteBased-Bricks. During the day the open brick pattern creates a play of light within the volume – in the dark the pavilion’s surroundings are illuminated from the fire inside, presenting itself as a beacon.
This is the place to sit down, relax, and exchange ideas. A campfire triggers the abstract. How does Europe, or the world look like if the people had a say. And who are these people? We invite everyone to come to FabCity, to sit down at the heart of the TrueTalker and share ideas on the future.