Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam

Client: Van Wijnen Midden/IC Netherlands BV/DUWO
Type: Studenthousing 364 apartments with collective facilities; 12.700 m2
Location: Kees Broekmanstraat, Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam
Plot: 2.705 m2
Fsi: 4,7
Completion: 2016
Designteam: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl
Projectteam: Stefan Dannel, Wouter Hermanns, Jurjen van der Horst
Contractor: Van Wijnen Midden
Photography: Peter Cuypers

The location of Zeeburgereiland is special. It occupies a strategic position surrounded by major traffic roads and lies close to the city center. The south side of the island is bordered by the IJburglaan where daily 28.000 people are passing by. In the next few years Zeeburgereiland will turn into a completely new urban area. An area with approximately 6.000 houses and district related facilities.

Commissioned by International Campus & DUWO we were asked to design 364 student flats in one building with a length of 134 meters. The program consists of a large collective outdoor area and communal facilities such as; bicycle storage, roof terrace, laundry facilities and meeting space.

How to organize a collective outdoor space in a building with a length of 134 meters? And how do you enhance the communicative relationship
with the dynamics of the IJburglaan and the individual scale of student houses?

The current rules assume a contiguous wall with a fixed height of 19 meters. By pressing the volume a lively and expressive facade is provided with a variety of outdoor spaces facing south. The stepped configuration in the facades allows for a reduction in scale, which can be read as a as a sequence of different volumes. The recognizable urban silhouette, is enhanced by the development of the openings. A movement in the form of a "smileyā€¯.