Smakkelaars Park


Client: Gemeente Utrecht
Location: Smakkelaarsveld, Utrecht, NL
Status: Competition, winner
Team: Lingotto, Arup, Studioninedots, ZUS, VKZ
Completion: 2022
Design team Studioninedots: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl
Project team Studioninedots: Stijn de Jongh, Wouter Hermanns, Erik Hoogendam, Karlijn de Jong, Mai Bogoe, Anna Ewa Bozek
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Located besides Utrecht Central Station, Smakkelaarsveld surely feels like the busiest place in the Netherlands. This site needs a counterbalance; a public place that offers commuters, locals, tourists and passersby a break. Therefore, the quality of the public space was also an important consideration the during competition to develop the site.
Our plan envisions Smakke-laars Park as a continuous landscape elevated above the bus and tram lines. This creates varying height differences and a resulting undulating land-scape above, but also unique spaces under the park. The buildings (with 150 residences and facilities) and the green spaces are interwoven to create an oasis of calm, open and welcoming to a wide audience.

The plan for Smakkelaars Park (re-)connects Smakkelaarsveld with the city and gives it meaning as an area for urban and healthy living.
The volumes and siting of the buildings are based on urban lines and site simulations. This results in a characteristic mosaic that complements the context. By then extending the mosaic three-dimensionally, this forms an array of volumes with diverse spaces and atmospheres. In line with the sheltering quality of the space, Smakkelaars Park is also quiet: despite its location, it offers a truly wondrous experience. For this project, the team has engaged a wide range of interested parties and critical thinkers from Utrecht in the development plans and has truly interconnected urban design, landscape, architecture, construction and process.