Client: Private
Type: House, renovation and extension
GFA: 448 m2
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Status: Completed in 2018
Design team: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl
Project team: Jurjen van der Horst, Gerty Daniëls
Project manager: studioVLAAR
Contractor: Wever Bouwgroep Waarland
Lighting consultant: Rob Clemens
Furniture: Logge Interieurbouw, Metnils
Photography: Sonia Mangiapane, Peter Cuypers (p.1, 9, 11, 27-29)
PH House-Film by Peter Cuypers: here

In this spacious home the elements dating from 1905 were constructed with the utmost care: the decorative entrance, staircase, panelling and ornamental plasterwork ceilings. These characteristic details, which were mostly hidden by the old layout of corridors and rooms, are now visibly prominent thanks to the new open ground floor, a continuous landscape. Following that, the original historic character is enhanced by custom-designed furniture elements like the kitchen joinery, fireplace, sideboard and tables that complement the colour, material and texture of the original ornaments. The parquet floor is laid in a striking Chevron pattern that inspired the zig-zag of the steps, down from the central kitchen down to the garden room on one side and to the lounge on the other, and the stepped form of the extension.

The interventions become more practical higher up the house. The top floors accommodate an office, a new terrace and the boys’ rooms; the first floor is dedicated to the parents. The entire length of the latter has also been opened up; the generous bathroom with sauna at the back and the front grand bedroom are connected by a dressing room. The design of all the built-in and freestanding furniture also formed part of the commission.
Downstairs, the gate-like passageway under the stairs marks the route to the cellar. Locating the cloakroom, toilet and storage areas to the side here allows the ground floor to remain as open as possible. New custom joinery and subtle lighting have helped transform the vaulted cellar from a low, dark service basement into an exclusive space that centres on the wine collection.