Het Kasteel, Milos

Sciencepark, Amsterdam

Client: Synchroon / Heddes vastgoed
Type: housing, 108 dwellings
Location: Sciencepark, Amsterdam
Plot: 5.200 m2
Fsi: 4,2
Budget: € 17.000.000,-
Design-completion: 2004-2008
Status: Completed
Designteam: Albert Herder, Arie van der Neut
Projectteam: Vincent van der Klei, Pascal Bemmelmans, Monika Pieroth
Engineering: Jean-Marc Saurer
Photography: Luuk Kramer and Peter Cuypers (when mentioned)
Prizes: Winner Zuiderkerkprijs 2008

The city of Amsterdam is depleted; sites where you can build dwellings are scarce. What is left are seemingly ‘impossible’ places where you have to deal with complex confrontations with sound outlines, security circles and air quality requirements. The plot is located next to besides a large shunting yard. How to transform an area with these noise conditions into a good quality living environment? This has cumulated into an unique façade. The building is enveloped in a glazed skin of panels that are slightly angled to each other. This artifice lends the building the appearance of a gigantic crystal.

The interaction between the apartment block’s recessed elevation and the glazed panels of the building’s skin ensures the project to act as an iconic entrance for the Science Park. The urban related outside is shaped in a clear volume which gives the impression of an ice castle. Opposed to the outside the innerside contains a warm individual welcome. This project shows in this way that it’s possible to transform an apparently unusable location into a top spot!