Student housing Seerosenstrasse

Stuttgart Vaihingen, Germany

Client: Nord-Süd Hausbau - Campus One
Type: Studenthousing, 100 student flats, 408 m2 facilities
Location: Haubtstrasse - Seerosenstrasse, Stuttgart Vaihingen
Plot: 2.795 m2
Design-completion: 2014-
Status: Preliminary Design
Designteam: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl
Projectteam: Stefan Dannel, Jérémie Chachuat, Wouter Hermanns
collaboration: Wenzel + Wenzel

Besides the well-known brands such as Mercedes and Porsche, Stuttgart is also famous for its technical and innovative Universities. The increasing number of students, creates a growing demand for student housing in this region.
Our location lies on the transition between the traditional building typologies and the renewed citycentre of Vaihingen.

The existing urban grid in this area is very spacious, with surprising quality courtyards.
Can we gradually transform and densify the existing urban fabric, without losing the connection between the courtyards and the public space?

If we would fill the whole plot, the existing passage would be blocked. So at strategic points a few of the flats have been removed and replaced by programmed bridges.The bridges are designed as meeting places intensifying this passage and entrance. Togehter with the communal area they form the heart of the building.

The location has some complex boundary conditions. Thermal heating, noise pollution and privacy problems are the key principles for the design of the facade. The stacking of facades gives the building a playful character that matches the different scales of the surroundings which continuously changes during the day.