Client: Synchroon
Type: Urban plan/development, ca. 108 apartments/single family houses, 2000 m2 working space and restaurant
Location: 2e Daalsedijk, Utrecht
Plot: 138.000 m2, 33.000m2 fase1
Fsi: 2,0
Design-completion: start building phase 1: 2018
Status: urban design phase 1 completed; intentions for phase 2-4 are signed July 2017
Designteam: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl
Projectteam: Karlijn de Jong, Monika Pieroth, Jurjen van der Horst, Lesia Toplonyk
Collaboration: DELVA Landscape Architects/Urbanism, SKONK, De Wijde Blik
Project website: Utrecht Wisselspoor

Studioninedots presents the dynamic masterplan Wisselspoor in Utrecht, commissioned by Synchroon. An innovative and flexible urban concept that gradually transforms former Central Werkspoor Utrecht NS into a unique mixed residential area.
The client doesn’t opt for a classic development but for ‘Cityplot’: a concept developed by STUDIONINEDOTS. Based by a convincing vision of development, concerning an attractive mix of functions, typologies, users and building structures. No monotonous neighborhood, but a special, self-contained small area where one is surprised by its pleasant contrasts.
In our proposal the beautiful industrial character of the site is leading. The integration of the existing railway heritage with a new modern cultural and social

life adds a new dynamic urban environment with a strong identity to the center of Utrecht.
 Four different atmospheres create dynamics and complexity. There will be contrasts between the urban park and the intimate squares and courtyards. And between the raw character of the railway park and the green strip along the Daalsedijk.
The plan compliments the low traffic initiative, room for participation, and a high quality public space.
Multiple hotspots are being developed and the first urban activators are already present. The ambition for Wisselspoor is to create a sustainable environment where people are tempted to live in a new creative environment where life, work and relaxing come together.