De Alliantie headquarters

Lucent, Hilversum

Client: de Alliantie
Type: Re-use of 7.940m2 BVO, officespace
Location: Larenseweg, Hilversum
Plot: 1.439 m2 

Fsi: 3,4
Design-completion: 2014-2015
Status: completed
Designteam: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl
Projectteam: Stijn de Jongh, Jurjen van der Horst, Marlies Boterman, Coen Smit, Wouter Hermanns
Contractor: Van Wijnen BV
Construction: Adams Advies
Installation: Landstra Bureau
Photography: Peter Cuypers
Winner Hilversum Architecture Award, April 2017
Nominee NRP Gulden Feniks 2017

The design focuses on the lobby as a clear, strong response to this brief. Here, a new atrium becomes the vibrant heart of the building that increases daylight and air into the deep building, improves quality of space and offers opportunities for interaction. The main intervention removes wall and floor in-fills between the concrete frame at the centre of the building. This opens up a spacious four-storey atrium that becomes the new social core around which shared functions are organized. This results in a dynamic atrium with overhanging balconies, walkways, vistas and voids, which is complemented by the interplay between open and closed sections of the exposed concrete structure.

For a company consolidating its offices for the first time, the move brings a new opportunity to review its values and identity. Through literally opening up the office, this establishes visual transparency to create a feeling of connectivity, which greatly benefits the development of (inter)personal relationships.

By physically sharing social spaces, staff from the various regional offices not only interact with each other socially and professionally, but also contribute to the new shared identity of the headquarters and company.