Cityplot Buiksloterham


Client: de Alliantie
Type: Urban plan/development, ca. 550 apartments/single family houses, 4000m2 working space
Location: Distelweg, Buiksloterham, Amsterdam
Plot: 28.790m2, 67.500m2 bvo
Fsi: 2,3
design-completion: 2013-
Status: Definite Masterplan, realization
Designteam: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl.
Projectteam: Monika Pieroth, Renske B├Ąckes, Lesia Topolnyk
Collaboration: DELVA Landscape Architects

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Through an innovative urban, landscape and social development plan, the former Nedcoat and Air Products sites in the harbour area of Buiksloterham will be regenerated in a sustainable way. The monofunctional industrial district will be transformed into a vibrant new part of Amsterdam that will function as a living urban lab. The dynamic masterplan forms the basis for future developments which will include 550 residences and at least 4,000 m2 of work units and hospitality locations.

Cityplot aims to connect with the network of creative industries in the immediate surroundings, and potential residents are considered based on their contribution to the creative, innovative and sustainable character of the area.

Every Cityplot acts as a collective, energetic machine whereby sustainable systems are coupled with and converge in the public space. The interrelationship between residents and these systems will contribute to a sustainable and future-proof area. Architecture, public space and landscape will soon form one complete integrated system.