In collaboration with: Ateliers 115 Architectes, Jean-Claude Martinez, Eric Brunel
Client: Kaufman & Broad
Type: office, 16.080m2
Location: Rue Traversière 44, Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris
Plot: 1.696 m2
Design-completion: 2012-2016
Status: Completed (competition 1st prize)
Designteam: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl.
Projectteam: Wouter Hermanns, Daniel Aw, Freddy Koelemeijer, Eliano Dias Felicio, Pedro Piernas.
Engineering: Jean-Marc Saurer
Contractor: AGB
Certificates: BREEAM: very good, NF BT HQE: niveau excellent, Effinergie+
Invited competition by: SAEM Val de Seine Aménagement, Kaufman & Broad
Photography: Peter Cuypers

The buildingsite is located on a section of the old Renault factory site along the Seine in Paris. Situated right at the new park with great views on the Seine.

We were asked to make an office building on a plot which wasn’t ideal for officespace.
The building was to be perceived as a single clear volume. A front-row building at the park which connects to it’s surroundings.
We divided the volume horizontally according to the plotrules and the direct urban fabric and created setbacks for terraces.
The entrance is orientated on the park and connected with the public space and inner court.

The volume scales down to the size of the housing developments but still acts as a clear iconic volume.

The paradox of the site is the fact that Lot YA directly facing the park Billancourt is the sunniest part.
How to design a façade using maximum view to the park and at the same time blocks the direct radiation?
Using vertical blades we expand the view to the park Billancourt and the Seine and at the same time the direct sunlight is blocked. The facade is closing down in rhythm to the top blocking the sun.