Studenthousing, TU campus Delft

Client: stichting DUWO
Type: studenthousing, 138 houses
Location: TU campus Delft, Netherlands
Plot: 1340 m2
Fsi: 5,0
Design: 2011
Status: Design development (competition 1st prize)
Designteam: Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl
Projectteam: Wouter Hermanns, Jarno van Essen, Giovanni Lavanna, Eliano dias felicio
Engineering: Jean-Marc Saurer
Sustainability: Uta Ehrhardt
contractor: Jan Snel Group

The TU Delft is expecting a substantial growth of students in the coming years. That is why 1100 new built student residences are realised in the masterplan of Mecanoo for de TU-Delft Mid-West. The first project will be located in Field 2 along the Balthasar van der Polweg. How to design 138 student flats in a strip of 67 meters and 5 stories high with a strong identity and an expressive facade? And how do you enhance the communicative relationship with the Balthasar van der Polweg and its surroundings? The volume, we designed for this location, is based on a central corridor with on each side student flats. At strategic points a few of the flats have been removed.

As the flats are individually insulated and constructed, it can freely be chosen where the voids are located. The created open areas give the building a transparency that maintains the connection of the courtyards with the Balthasar van der Polweg. By removing flats on each side of the corridor, an unexpected and lively cross-section is created with a covered entrance and a central covered collective (outdoor) space. More Flats have been removed on the south-side, so sunlight can enter the building as far as possible. A wide stairs connects all the individual levels as one continuing collective space. This centrally located outdoor space forms the heart of the building. The intervention is the identity!