Oosterdokseiland, Amsterdam

Client: MAB Development
Type: 28 dwellings and mixed-used development
Location: Oosterdokseiland
Plot: 540 m2
Fsi: 11
Budget: € 9.400.000,-
Design-completion: 2001-2012
Status: Completed
Designteam: Albert Herder, Arie van der Neut.
Projectteam: Stijn de Jongh
Engineering: Jean-Marc Saurer
Photography: Peter Cuypers

The Oosterdokseiland (ODE) in Amsterdam is to be rebuilt with a large-scale development that includes housing, offices, a hotel, a library, a conservatorium, shops and bars and restaurants.
EEA architect's master plan consists of high-density buildings interwoven with narrow passageways that link enclosed open spaces.
Each block is to be designed as a collaboration between several architects. Our part of the development comprises a Chinese trade centre, a food court, a warehouse and social and luxury housing.
The masterplan specifies that the scheme's functions must be physically separated from each other - one block, one function.

In this proposal, two volumes, the corner and the palazzo,

are separated from each other by a passage. However, considering its width and the overall height of the building, 'chasm' is a more accurate description and this word becomes the leitmotif of the design.
The luxury apartments are defined by their maximum views towards Amsterdam's city centre. Large floor to ceiling windows throughout the apartments are orientated towards the city and their living spaces can justifiably be described as 'rooms with a view'.
Different solutions of window types are chosen as the architectural tool. In conjunction with the deep balconies, this ensures a lively ever-changing façade articulated by the play of light and shadow.